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"Responsive, reliable and knowledgeable.  Integrity Solutions have been a great partner in projects we have undertaken together at Allergan"
Ka-Wai Chan, R&D Information Systems, EU and AP

Case Studies


  • European implementation, 10 sites, 6 countries
  • Supply chain, finance, manufacturing accounting, manufacturing planning, procurement, manufacturing and packaging, quality, distribution
  • Upgrade from numerous legacy systems
  • Prior failed go live deadlines


  • Establish common business processes across European organisation
  • Establish project and quality processes prior to implementation
  • Provide risk based quality assured solution across the implementation
  • Transfer project leadership and validation skills to client staff


  • Facilitate process mapping and risk determination.  Requirements workshops to establish process and functional requirements
  • Definition of quality strategy and processes.  Iterative methodology with integrated quality activities. Project team training.
  • Manage integrated client / ISL project team
  • Facilitate work streams to address process and technical disciplines. Site leads to coordinate site input 


  • Common business processes
  • Stable system from go live
  • Quality assurance effort tailored to process and requirements risk
  • Greater understanding of “value add” of a quality approach


  • Business processes changed mid project
  • Promoting understanding of a business rather than system solution
  • Quality and validation new concept for project team
  • Business understanding of process, functional and records risk
  • Project accountabilities not commensurate with authority and skills
  • Ensuring “value add” of early phase documentation
  • Establishing efficient global quality processes
  • Data Migration from multiple systems


  • Consistent and more efficient business processes across organisation, greater resource mobility and career opportunity
  • Effective supply chain, lower inventory costs
  • Clarity of business accountabilities and segregation of duties
  • Compliant solution
  • Global quality processes established